Arranged Marriage Psychotherapy - Pre-marital Counseling NYC, New York

Therapy: Arranged Marriages in the United States

"Easing Transitions to Bi-Culturism Through Psychotherapy"

Whether conducted in India, Pakistan, Thailand, China , Africa or New York City, the partners of an arranged marriage, on one hand, may be offered a caring and tightly knit family support system that has found them a compatible soulmate and a path toward falling in love and achieving intimacy . It may lead to a rewarding or at least “good enough” marital life. Some partners have had a considerable amount of choice in the selection process as well as the experience of courtship. Others have had little to none and barely know the intended spouse which leads to a significant degree of uncertainty, anxiety and marked inequality and abuse, especially for women.

In either case partners in arranged marriages face many challenges and opportunities living in the United States, usually involving a newly discovered sense of choice including:

Couple , family and individual therapy highly sensitive to cultural identity can help ease the struggles of adapting to a bi-cultural lifestyle, balancing the new and old while enhancing trust , intimacy, grieving loss, cultivating a spirit of openness and creating a felt sense of security. Pre-marital counseling can also offer a forum to share ideas, goals, as well as emotional concerns prior to marriage to foster choice and assessment.

Multi Cultural Couple Holding Hands