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Therapy: Marital Counseling

"Falling in love, making a commitment"

Falling in love and finding a soul mate is often one of the most exciting human experiences. Contemplating marriage, or the decision to live together, on the other hand, can be a time of confusion and reticence. Emotional portraits of the parental couple or friends’ marriages may impede the acknowledgement of the strengths of the present relationship. Fears of sustaining monogamy or being able to provide the care and stimulation as the center of another’s life can be a daunting consideration. Past rejecting experiences may become prominent in assessing trust of the partner and influence sexuality and sexual performance. Doubts as to the capability of raising a child and the impact on the marital relationship can surface.

Cultural and ethnic differences can begin to emerge in form of gender roles and power distribution in the relationship. In-law influence can take new form as boundaries have yet to be drawn. Time spent with friends alone can become an issue. Ways of distributing and saving money can be complimentary or conflictual. Most impotantly, styles of communicating in terms of conflict resolution and expressing affection may need to be structured or refined. Issues of sexual compatibility may be raised.

Many couples find that the big M word can present a crisis in their relationship as they both face what the meaning of commitment holds for them. What is often promising , however, about this crisis is that permanent inroads can be made through pre-marital counseling for healing past hurt, perhaps revealing untold secrets as trust builds, defining values , expectations and learning to appreciate the others’ emotional world. A foundation of trust, healing and comforting fostered through candid communication can be launched for a lifetime. Much less frequently, a couple can come to the realization that their incompatibility or inability to make a commitment toward change may substantially challenge a decision to marry or live together.

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